Body Discourses / Body Politics and Agency - Symposium, 5-7 February 2015

About the Symposium

The Symposium is organized by the Gender Research Office at the University of Vienna in co-operation with the Gender and Agency Research Network, together with the independent transnational research and educational project Bodypolitix:Политики Телесности and the arge bodies_gender_sex.

It aims to open up an inter- and transdisciplinary discussion of current approaches, perspectives, research questions and work within the field of gender-related body discourses in all their diversity.

We seek to create exchanges between scholars from all disciplines: between students, PhD candidates, post docs and senior scholars. 

We would like to forge networks between academic and non-academic groups. 
We look forward to connecting scholarly with relevant fields of practice, activism and art.

All participants are experts in certain areas within their fields. For this reason, the formats of the themes of this symposium will be diverse and will be arranged based on the submissions we receive. 

There will be space for 

  • working groups, 
  • panels with thematic lectures, 
  • discussion forums and 
  • poster sessions as well as 
  • open spaces, 
  • performances and 
  • installations. 

The emphasis of the format is on exchange, networking and on initiating open and respectful dialogues.